Be afraid, be very afraid as you enter Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park, where great evil resides. You’ll be in for a spine-chilling and hair-raising experience at our live action scare extravaganza where fear is the name of the game. Be warned that this is not for the faint-hearted.

Ghostbusters Scream Park
Ghostbusters Scream Park
African Pythons
Ghostbusters Scream Park
Scream Park
Ghostbusters Scream Park



THE GHOSTBUSTERS ADVENTURE-LIVE! is a spooky, scary, and slimy walk-through attraction designed to give you a fun startling adventure to see if you are a scaredy-cat, or if you have what it takes to become a GHOSTBUSTER!

Once leaving SLIMER’s pad, filled with cool GHOSTBUSTERS memorabilia to ogle while you wait, you will be ready to start your adventure at ALDRIDGE MANSION – New York’s oldest private home and museum, where our Tour Guide will introduce you to the spooky story of Gertrude Aldridge. As you leave Aldridge you will take a detour via the New York Subway, Seward Street Station and alight to visit Old Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant, the new HQ of our new all-star female GHOSTBUSTERS. You will then be transported to Rowan’s basement before finally heading towards Times Square , New York,  and the infamous MERCADO HOTEL building for a spooky, scary, and slimy finale.

Then, it’s back to the real world…maybe!


Malaysia’s biggest and scariest festival of fear haunts in the month of October for frights, fears, scares & screams in a series of several nights. Launched back in 2013, Nights of Fright: Festival of Fear establishes itself as Malaysia’s one-stop, terrifying, set-your-heart-racing destination and this is the only place to be seen and scream during select nights of the October Halloween season!