Dining At Sunway Lagoon

You need more energy when you are having fun! Whether you are looking for a thirst quencher, a snack, something light or a full-blown meal, you can satisfy your cravings at the eateries dotted all around the theme park.

Snacks & Refreshments

Get an energy boost and get rehydrated at well-located snack bars and refreshment stations wherever you may be in Sunway Lagoon

Jom Cha

A first of its kind collaboration between Farm Fresh & Sunway Lagoon, head over to Jom Cha to try our boba drinks made with our milk products and taste the freshness!

San Francisco Coffee

Indulge in the rich aromas and diverse flavors of San Francisco Coffee, where each cup is a journey through meticulously curated blends. Elevate your coffee experience in a vibrant and cozy atmosphere, making every visit a delightful escape for true coffee aesthete.

Hydration Zone

Stay alert and add some hydration to your day, quacklings! Quench your thirst and rejuvenate your senses with our assortment of refreshing beverages at the Hydration Zone now!

Hot & Roll

Be wrapped up in a wholesome tasty treat that you can eat on the go anytime, anywhere! Hot & Roll serves a variety of sweet and savoury wraps from crispy wraps, paratha, chapatti to pita in a wide assortment of tasty flavours.

Small Bites & Fast Food

Fancy a quick bite? We have some great cafes and fast food restaurants to satisfy your food cravings in a jiffy.


Fancy some chicken as well as something different? Dine in your swimsuit and trunks at Marrybrown, the first homegrown fast food chain that serves mi kari ayam goreng, nasi ayam MB and chicken porridge along with its burgers and fried chicken

Las Mexicana

Pizza!! What more do we need to say? Fresh, delicious, and dripping with cheesy goodness. Las Mexicana specializes in a unique brand of square pizzas, we literally don’t cut corners! Get it by the slice, or get an entire pizza all to yourself! Kids love us, teenagers crave us, and you’ll never want anything else.


Build your own nutritious and fresh submarine sandwich at Subway, the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world. Choose the type of bread, the serving size, the fillings as well as the sauce you want. It doesn’t get more customized than this.

Cubes Cafe

Need a bite to eat while you enjoy our Theme Park? Stop by Cubes Cafe for yummy lunch, snack, and drink options the whole family will love.

Famous Amos

Do you smell that? That’s the aromatic smell of delight that will put a smile on your faces. The “Free Smell” from Hot-baked store has been an irresistible aroma of Famous Amos freshly baked cookies to be enjoyed by true cookie lovers everywhere.

Burger King

Enjoy the flame-grilled goodness of Burger King’s signature whopper and have a side of onion rings while you are at it. It’s great tasting burgers all round when you are having great fun.


For a more substantial meal, head to the various restaurants where you can sample anything from local, western to Indian cuisines.

CFL Local Delight

Let’s be real, especially when it comes to our own local cuisine.


Savour authentic northern Indian cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds at Sagar. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available to cater to everybody’s preference.

Fire & Slice

Savor an exquisite farm-to-table dining experience by our panoramic lake, featuring artisanal cuisine from both the East and West.

Okinawa Zen Japanese Restaurant

Longing for authentic sushi ?
Don’t Worry ! Okinawa Zen brings a Japanese ambience to you Eat deliciously like in the land of Sakura.

Hot Meal Ba

Savor the extraordinary fusion of Chinese Muslim flavors at Hot Meal Ba, where every dish is a celebration of exquisite taste.