Explorer Rangers is an outdoor educational membership program with Classes Alive! and Flexi classes curated by a group of zoologists and educators from Sunway Theme Parks for children to learn about wildlife, science and sustainability.

One-of-a-kind holistic education program of the wide-ranging syllabus from Wildlife to Nature conservation to lead the young children into fearless rangers!

Let’s dive underwater to witness the wonders of aquatic life!

Science Time
• Microscopic Encounters
• Water Specimen Experiments

Arts & Crafts
• DIY Underwater Viewer

Let’s explore the science behind animal mating as love fills the air!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Colours of Affection

Science Time
• Fight for Love

• Reproduction

Arts & Crafts
• Valentine’s Card for Mom & Dad

Experience the wonders of the forest and learn how to survive in the unforgiving wilderness.

Walk on with Ranger!
• Mushroom & Fungi

• A Bug’s Life
• From Trash to Treasure
• Refined Recycling

Arts & Crafts
• DIY Ant Jar

Take a deeper look into the survival of the fittest between predator and prey.

Walk on with Ranger!
• A Predator’s Weapon
• Swift Speedy
• Hiding in Plain Sight
• Staying Alive

Arts & Crafts
• Animal Camo Body Paint

Explore the ecosystem of different habitats and discover ways to maintain their balance and prevent global warming.

Walk on with Ranger!
• Hot In Here

• Mother Earth

• DIY Organic Popsicles with Our Own

• Kelulut Honey!

Arts & Crafts
• Volcanic Eruption

Learn how to understand, bond and handle pet animals with care!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Introduction Session

• Wildlife Park Tour
• Adopt a Pet

Science Time
• Characteristics of Rabbits
• Close-Up Exhibit of Baby Animals

Arts & Crafts
• Rabbit Sleeping House

Take flight into the avian world and learn about the egg-sighting life of Birds.

Walk on with Ranger!
• Beak-A-Boo! Birdwatching

• Who’s Chicken Now?!
• LARGEST BIRDS of The World!

Science Time
• Descendants of The Dinosaur!
• Tweet Time!
• Egg-sighting Encounters

Arts & Crafts
• Mini Birdfeeder

It’s Merdeka season! Time to meet Malaysia’s native Wildlife species and understand the importance of protecting these animals for a better ecosystem.

Walk on with Ranger!
• Black & White

• Sunny Sun Bear
• May The Forest Be with You
• Tree Planting Session

Science Time
• Impacts of Flora & Fauna

• MERDEKA Special

Discover the wild side of cats and their much bigger cousins: Tigers, Lions and Panthers!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Purrfect Moments

• Predator Instincts
• Up-close Encounter with
• Tiger & White Lion

Science Time
• Discover the Anatomy of A Cat
• Catmunication
• Myths Explained

Arts & Crafts
• Face Mask Painting

Happy Halloween! Meet the scariest animals in the world and understand why are they horrifying!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Spidey Sense

• Mice & Corn Snakes
• Creatures of The Night

Science Time
• Spooky Animals!
• Scary encounters!

Arts & Crafts
• Earthworm Jar

Awww… how cute! Come meet the adorable critters of the animal kingdom!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Baby Animals

Science Time
• Types of Baby Animals

• It’s Morphing Time

Arts & Crafts
• Tadpole Aquarium

Meet some of the biggest animals on the planet!

Walk on with Ranger!
• Meet the Giants

• Male White Tigers
• Feeding the Giants!

Science Time
• Tremendous Giants

Arts & Crafts
• Giant Animal Footprint Canvas

Rangers will be introduced to discover and experience knowledge beyond the textbooks with a set of additional activities in the park.

Sign up NOW and enjoy this educational-membership program at the promotional rate of RM198! Lots of fun-filled activities await you during the weekends, on public and on school holidays.

Strictly for kids aged 5-12 only.
T&C Apply.


  1. Explorer Rangers Pass is STRICTLY for kids aged 5 to 12 years old only.
  2. The rate is applicable for Malaysians with MyKad/MyKid/I-Pass/Multiple Entry Visa.
  3. The Explorer Rangers Pass is STRICTLY for Explorer Rangers classes (Flexi Class and Classes Alive)
    on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 1pm only.
  4. Entry wristband(s) redeemed are valid only for ONE ENTRY per card per day with original
    MyKad/MyKid/I-Pass/Multiple Entry Visa.
  5. Explorer Rangers Team shall email out the Explorer Rangers Class Registration for parents to
    make booking for class arrangement.
  6. Prior reservation of 7 days is REQUIRED and confirmation is subject to availability.
  7. No cancellation, extension, changes and/or replacement of classes will be made upon
    confirmation of booking.
  8. Explorer Rangers Pass is STRICTLY non-transferable and non-refundable in any part or whole. It
    can only be used by the registered holder.
  9. No cancellation will be allowed upon confirmation of purchase.
  10. Lost card(s) will be charged a fee of RM100.00 per card.
  11. No entry will be allowed if the physical card is not produced for admission.
  12. Kindly print/present a digital copy of the confirmation email at the Annual Passport Counter
    located at Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance for redemption.
  13. Explorer Rangers Pass will be considered void if terms and conditions are breached.
  14. Sunway Lagoon management reserves the right to close Explorer Rangers venues and cancel
    events and activities without prior notice.
  15. Sunway Lagoon reserves the right to refuse, alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms and
    conditions or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  16. General terms and conditions of admission to Sunway Lagoon apply.