While you seek the ultimate Halloween experience, you may find there’s no way out and your fear has taken over the night… and your will to live.

Will you be able to survive each Fields of Fear or will you succumb to your worst nightmares?

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As an appreciation of your bravery, we shall present you with exclusivity.

Visit the houses of our night-dwellers and other attractions that are sure to bring a chill down your spine. This is the time when the undead awakens and fear takes over any form of logic.

A classic tale of terror about the murderous barber, Sweeney Todd and his partner in crime, Mrs Lovett who cooks his victims into a glorious meat pie. But the souls can’t rest unless heads roll.

Iconic movie monsters all gathered in one space! Go through each hall to meet DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN &  MORE. Come experience the scary memories coming back, and the fantastic nightmares come to LIFE!

A toxic and unforgiving wasteland has left humans to morph into a “humananimal” form. After the failure of the last harvest, these strange creatures have made a new home with what remained.

We found the secret sheds out back of the Texas house where all the horrors happened… This is it! This is Leatherface’s Lair and it’s still filled with a collection of scalps and victims! Check it out but be warned-it’s not for the faint of heart.

A wax museum for all your favourite Hollywood Movie characters including Billy, Ghost Face, Jason, Freddy, Pennywise, and more! But oh? It seems some of the wax has melted due to our hot Malaysian weather… are they moving?

Viva Mexico! Witness the underground Lucha Libre wrestling event where there are two rings and a stadium backstage filled with mayhem! Better watch out for Rey Mysterio Jr, El Santa, Dr Wagner, Mil Máscaras, La Torcha and The Blue Demon!

Coming back bigger than ever, this year the new Scarytales theatre will tell the story of the Thai Silk King, Jim Thompson who mysteriously disappeared in Cameron Highlands! Catch Sunway Lagoon’s most ambitious short-film yet, exclusively showing for Nights of Fright® 9.

It’s chaos in Chinatown as a private and exclusive restaurant is overtaken by a crazy chef butchering customers in every scene! Can you survive and leave without being served as a dish?

We have some of Malaysia’s scariest inmates locked away in this underground asylum of terror and they have been in here for WAY TOO LONG! We think it’s time for them to come out and PLAY!

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