This event may be too intense for young children under the age of 13.
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Sunway Lagoon is set to scare your socks off with its 8th edition of Nights of Fright. Whether you’re a superfan, here for a ghoulish culinary experience or a courageous skeptic, never wander alone.



Whether you’re an adventurous traveller or you simply can’t get enough of our spine-chilling activities, we got you covered. Optimize your ghastly nightmare and book your exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime staycation with us NOW!

Set in the famous ’99 Door Mansion’, home of the still unsolved murder of John Saint Maur Ramsden on his Byram Estate in Nibong Tebal near Penang in 1948.

We visited this mysterious mansion in decay to feel the hantu spirits. One week later a fire broke out destroying most of the 99 doors!

Then we went back. The house is alive and possessed…..overrun with hantus.

This places is scary. Real scary.

It’s back, bloodier than ever – in fact, it’s bloody scary! We found three new buildings in this ‘Wolf Creek’ inspired attraction. Bigger, bloodier, scarier. Will you survive the legend of Blood.Shed.2 – Nights of Frights’ scariest attraction. There is a reason this attraction is at the back of the park – it is not for the faint of heart.

Check out your favourite Horror Movie characters in our wax museum style setting. Billy, Ghost Face, Jason, Freddy , PennyWise – all of your scariest favourites and more. The wax has melted in the Malaysia heat – the monsters and killers are on the loose – spirits of their past come to life!

Welcome to THE HOTEL DEVILLE! It’s the place where evil lies. You can check in but you might not check out! These guests hate visitors so watch your back. This place is the ultimate ‘SCARE B&B’!

Viva Mexico! It’s an underground Lucha Libre wrestling event. You better watch out for such wrestling masters as Rey Mysterio Jr, El Santo, Dr Wagner, Mil Máscaras, La Torcha and The Blue Demon!

Victorian England, Circa 1872. There have been sightings of werewolves roaming the streets. We enter the home of Wallace Keating who has been hunting these creatures and keeping them in his eclectic London abode. A frenzied attack has occurred. Keating has seemingly disappeared, and there are werewolves on the run and hungry!

We are on the soundstage set of the craziest movie series ever – SHARKNADO – it’s open for the very last time. There’s been a blackout on set and emergency lighting is in place – maybe it should be called ‘DARKnado!’ Better watch out “Sharks on set!”.

An unforgiving wasteland at the end of the world. The humans that remain are void of life. The last harvest was completely destroyed. Only the scarecrows have survived.

The zombie are on the loose – the ZOMBIE SWAT team is trying to contain them! Hungry and fierce – the walking dead are the running dead! Get yourself out of here real quick from these bloodthirsty remains!

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