Sustainable Development Goals


To be Malaysia’s model theme park in sustainable practices, focusing on minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices, using our available resources wisely, and by creating awareness through planned activities.


  • Minimize the environmental footprint of our business activities.
  • Embracing sustainability in our business processes and decisions.


  • To remain dedicated and guided by our core values: IntegrityHumility and Excellence.
  • Our core sustainability focus areas:
    • Responsible business practices
    • Product and service innovation
    • Process and resource efficiency
    • Giving back to communities

Lake Conservation

  • To ensure sustainability of the Lake, an extensive study of the lake was conducted and the ‘Clean-Flo’ system was introduced to reverse the degradation of the lake and retain it’s Mesotrophic state.
  • The water from the lake is also drained for watering of the park’s landscape.
Out Reach Programme

Out Reach Programme

Collaboration with Pelangi and Q-dees Kindergarten for Phase 1 of Education Reach Out programme. The initiative aimed to provide an early learning experience for pre-schoolers the 3R of recycling. Students were given a short briefing about 3Rs and followed by participating in segregating waster (paper, plastic and aluminium).

Phase 2 will be targeting Smart Reader and Real Kids kindergartens around Klang Valley.

World Animal Day

World Animal Day

  • Encourage family with young children to participate in the hunt as part of awareness of World Animal Day.
  • Encourage young adults to recognize the need to love animals and how they can do their part to make a difference to the world.

GOLD Programme

To create career opportunities and training ground for underprivileged/slow learners at school.

Ground Water Source

The groundwater source at the old tiger exhibit has been piped for use at the Wildlife Park for cleaning of common walkways and watering of the landscape since September 2018. The usage was further extended to other areas at the Wildlife Park to a total of 8 points.

Rain Water Harvesting

The Log Flume pond at the Wild Wild West has been identified for rain water harvesting and has been plumbed to the Grand Canyon River Rapids to be used for topping up the channel. A water meter will be installed in June 2019 to better track the usage. The usage will be extended to other parts of Wild Wild West for cleaning and watering in June 2019. The other options being considered is to also use the Rapid River channel that has a larger harvesting area.

Waste Segregation

A recycling store was built at Wild Wild West. The programme was organized by iCycle and Sunway Sustainability Solutions at Sunway Lagoon on 13 & 14 November 2018 to create awareness among staff. iCycle has been providing monthly collection data of contributors and type of recyclables beginning the month of October 2018. 

Existing wooden rubbish bins were refurbished batch by batch and placed around the park in pairs of green bins (cans & bottles) and yellow bins (general waste) to encourage guests participation.